Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the Best Free Music, Video and Media Player. It is a lightweight media player which in a way mimics the look and feel of Windows Media Player, download Media Player Classic Home Cinema today!

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Media Player Classic Versions

Media Player Classic is one of the well-known media players that obtain all the positive features of the must have multimedia software. The transformation of this media player from the most previous versions to the latest release is just one of the extraordinary facts why it is considered by millions of multimedia users in the world.


The simple approaches and labels that MPC holds, is also the top consideration of most users for picking this media player over other multimedia programs. It is very easy to manage and packed with ideal features to play, display and enhance all genres of media files. To ensure that you are in trend of what’s up and what’s hot in multimedia, all you need to do is to download different versions of MPC right away.


  1. MPC Original


This version of Media Player Classic was originally developed for 32 and 64-bit Windows computers. It is specially designed with the lightest look and interface.


It started as close source media player but due to the desire of the developer to offer extensive and complete multimedia experience to users everywhere in the World, it is then released as open source software. It is governed by the public licenses to ensure that it can be obtained by multimedia software followers without the hassle of any fees. Although MPC is offered totally free, it has still maintained all its significant characteristics and features as world-class media player.


It is even supported by the best containers and frameworks, which paves way for its stable performances and media outputs. If you want to start flawless snap of an authentic media player, simply download free Media Player Classic- Original and have as much as you want from all your audio, video, image, and data files.


  1. MPC Black Edition


If you long for a version that can cope with all your physical media solutions, then MPC black edition or MPC-BE is yours to take. It covers your needs of seamless VCD, DVD and SVCD playbacks. You can enjoy all these functionalities independently without adding or executing support from other software or media application.


You are also guaranteed with premium multimedia codecs for your subtitles and all other external support. You can even transform your MPC-BE into a television by simply connecting a compatible TV tuner into it. If you want to take your media player experience into next-level potentials, and then why not try the expertise of MPC-BE today.


  1. MPC- Home Cinema


All versions of MPC media player hold all the primary and integral applications of the original software including the latest model, MPC- Home Cinema. This version of MPC ensures that it can offer you prominent touches of modern media center while continuously promoting the essential features and functionalities of the software.


Aside from the primary and extended scope of this media player, it has also level up this version into the most modern twist. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite media files into hi-definition quality, regardless of the genre or format of the files.


You’ll also have full access of this media player absolutely free just by merely holding your free MPC- Home Cinema download. Do you have your bet of MPC version now? Certainly, there is one that is specially designed to fit in your elaborative standards. Download different versions of MPC now.