Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the Best Free Music, Video and Media Player. It is a lightweight media player which in a way mimics the look and feel of Windows Media Player, download Media Player Classic Home Cinema today!

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys is what most software users are looking for aside from it’s availability and quality. Windows Media Player is already known to be a simple and user friendly media player however what others don’t know is it offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts to make your media player life easy and even simpler.


Download Media Player Classic and start enjoying its key shortcuts. When we say key shortcuts these are combinations of key controls to press to go directly or perform certain commands without going through a lot of processes. Watching a video file or listening to an audio file is now made simpler with the use of keyboard shortcuts of Media Player Classic.


Windows Media Player App


Free Media Player Classic can now be controlled by the player without any hassle. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that can easily be memorized that even novice users can perform on their own. You don’t have to be a genius or an expert of Media Player Classic.


The most used shortcuts would be the space bar which represents the “Play or Pause” function. Switching to a full screen mode is easy, just press the alt key + return key and you’re ready to view whatever it is in full screen mode. As you can see, shortcut keys are very easy to use and it makes your media player experience pleasant.


Now, volume is another common function user handle, therefore pressing the arrow up and down key will already help you lower down or maximize your volume level.


Windows Media Player Shortcuts


What if the need to save an image is needed and you don’t have your mouse? How can you save an image on your Media Player Classic? Good thing keyboard shortcuts can help you do so by simply pressing on the alt key + i and your image is instantly saved.


Going to your favourite playlist is also easy, just press the ctrl key + 7 and your playlist will just appear. Indeed, the use of free Media Player Classic is easy and less stressful. Novice users can handle this software plus it won’t waste any of your time, the controls are great and easy to navigate.


If you want to make use of the minimal view, compact view and normal view of your media player, just bear in mind to press on the keys 1, 2 and 3 for the corresponding views.


Windows Media Player


What about if you want to change the size of your video? Fret not for there are available shortcut keys for resizing the video size. If you want 100% video size, all you have to do is press the alt key + 2.


If you want to lower the size to 50%, just press the alt key + 1 and for 200%, simply press alt key + 3. Simple isn’t it? As you can see, there are dozens of advantages if you know the important and common keyboard shortcuts for Media Player Classic. So download Media Player Classic and start exploring what these shortcuts can do to make your life easy and comfy when watching movies and listening to music.