Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the Best Free Music, Video and Media Player. It is a lightweight media player which in a way mimics the look and feel of Windows Media Player, download Media Player Classic Home Cinema today!

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Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic (MPC) is a free open source lightweight media player that is popularly made for Windows Operating System. This media player is like the newer version of the Windows media player packed with exciting and advanced features.


Media Player Classic is a superb media player that can certainly play different files and formats from VCD, SVCD (Super Video Compact Disc) and DVD without any additional software and codecs. It has already built- in codecs for videos and music like MP2, 3GP, DTS and a lot more including MP4 and MPEG-2 and 4 (moving pictures and associated audio information).


It Is Multilingual and Free to Use


MPC was first developed as a closed source program but fortunately it was changed to free source application under GNU General Public Licenses which means that the software can be downloaded for absolutely zero cost not even a single fee is collected from the user.


Media Player Classic has indeed found its way to maximize its full features including easy access and free download of software. What’s more easy using this extraordinary application is that it is multilanguage which means the software is translated in almost 27 languages where you can pick the best version of your choice.


This multi-media software is best used with higher version of Windows like Windows 7 and 8 but it’s also compatible with Windows XP and, SSE2 capable CPU (Streaming SIMD (Single Instructions, Multiple Data) Extensions 2). It is also written in C++ programming language.



It is Customizable


Media Player Classic (MPC) is a highly customizable media player. It allows you to modify different features from videos or audios you can have your personal touch. It supports different video and audio formats like FLV (Flash Video) and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).


MPC has the capability to play DVD files including the feature to pause, playback and even crop a certain scene on video or play videos continuously without any audio. Furthermore, you have the option to place the subtitle while watching the video or simply remove the subtitle for full screen menu.


Versatile Software


Media player Classic is also best with audio. It can play crisp and loud music as well as you can configure the sound excellently. You can also play unlimited music in the most customized format that you want. Its playback ability is recommendable.


It is supported by DirectShow a multimedia framework produced by Microsoft to perform different media files and stream functions. MPC is indeed versatile software because it does not only support computer applications but also capable of supporting TV tuners and perform excellent functions like playback and recording on television.


Media player Classic is not just a media player but a multimedia player carefully packed in one great software with such low system requirements, support different audio and video formats, highly customizable features. What else can you ask for a media player? It’s amazing features are unlimited.


It’s up to you to customize and take advantage all its great features that you surely don’t want to miss. All the surprises don’t stop with MPC because more great updates are yet to come.