Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the Best Free Music, Video and Media Player. It is a lightweight media player which in a way mimics the look and feel of Windows Media Player, download Media Player Classic Home Cinema today!

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema  was purposely made for Microsoft Windows users both for 32bit and 64bit. Now, this lightweight software program releases its latest version of 2.1.2 which is filled with not just the basic functions of a media player but also some advanced functions users will love.


by using Media Player Classic Home Cinema, you will be able to watch videos or listen to audios in different formats.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema


This version is said to be completely compatible to Windows platform especially to Windows 7 and 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and even on older computer versions.


– Title               : Media Player Classic Home Cinema
– Language     : Multilingual (English, Czech, Italian and dozens more)
– File Size        : 23.4 MB
– Languages    : Multilingual (English, Czech, Italian and dozens more)
– License          : Freeware and Open source
– Author           : Gabest (Original Developer) and was developed by MPC-HC Team.


Because this is licensed under GNU General Public License, it means to say that to download the best media player software program doesn’t come with any associated fee, not even a single cent! What’s good about this program? Free Media Player Classic download is said to be capable of playback functions and even live recording of television shows as long as the user have installed a supported TV Tuner.



Media Player Classic Home Cinema


To make it even better, after you download our media player you will see it is the best media player with its playback function since it is supported by OGM as well as by Matroska container formats which is a kind of format that has the ability to play an unlimited amount of both video and audio files.


Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a unique media player software that allows manipulation of its functions completely. MPC 2.1.2 allows the selection of subtitle menus as it comes with codecs for different formats such as MP2, 3GP, LPCM, DTS and more.


In addition, this free  Media Player gives users an option to control the images brightness and contrast appearance. So if you feel like customizing this software and tweaking its settings to suit your needs, you are highly welcome. MPC is definitely a user friendly software with an easy user interface for uncomplicated navigation.



Media Player Classic Home Cinema Download


Aside from being an impeccable video player, the use of MPC is also impressive when it comes to music. This software also allows the use of RealPlayer, Quicktime and even the use of different available codecs and filters of SHOUTcast.


This software program is also available in different languages making it more commendable for download even if you don’t speak in English. This is available in Portuguese, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, German, Russian, French and dozens more of languages.


What other better media players out there that can deliver this kind of features? There’s actually none for only Media Player Classic Home Cinema can provide a lot of functions in one software.


To give you a clearer view, the formats handled by Media Player Classic are MPEG, SVCD, DVD, VCD, MP4, MP2, DTS and a lot more. So what are you waiting for?


Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema and have no regret. You will certainly enjoy both its video and audio features. A jam packed software without any fees involved, there’s definitely nothing more you can ask for.



Media Player Classic Home Cinema Features

– Works on different Windows Platform.
– Flexible enough as it is also compatible with older computer versions.
– Capable of performing playback functions and read different file formats.
– Has different built-in codecs perfect if you want to use the subtitle feature.
– Uses DirectShow decoding filters for high quality contents.
– Supports Matroska Container formats, it plays unlimited videos, audios & images.


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